Training Evaluation

Number of Attendees عدد الحاضرين

Location of Attended Training مكان التدريب

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CEO Name اسم رئيس مجلس إداره الشركه

Name and Title of Person Filling This Survey إسم و وظيفه من يملئ إستطلاع الرأي

Date or Duration of Training Attendedتاريخ و مده التدريب

Did the class meet exceptions? هل طابق التدريب التوقعات *

Yes highly جداSome how مرضي Not at all غير مرضي
If other, precise:

Was the length of class appropriate?هل مده التدريب مناسبة؟ *

Was the class interactive? (Rate from 1 to 5 where 5 is the best) *

Was the class organized overall? (Rate from 1 to 5 where 5 is the best) *

Did you find the class interesting and meaningful? *

Has a trusted and friendly relationship built? *

Who is the Instructor? *

Was the Instructor well prepared? *

Did the Instructor have good knowledge of the subject? *

Was the Instructor's way practical and effective? *

Was the Instructor an effective listener and give constructive feedback? *

Did the Insrtuctor answer all questions posed and provided time for feedback? *

Would you like to attend another class with the same Instructor? *

Would love toNever againDon't mind

Any suggestions to how to enhance the quality of the class?

Any CONSTRUCTIVE comments for the Instructor?