With a Human Resource system, you can manage entire spectrum of HR activities starting from Employee Hire to Retire/resign that includes payroll, benefits administration, performance reviews, time off tracking, goals, team planning, reporting, and more. It's strategy to increase the quantity and quality of improving employee engagement, develop leaders within the organization.

 Implementing the right HR system can increase transparency, the efficiency of people management and allow companies to store their employee confidential information and give access to only authorized persons to ensure that information is both secure and accessible.

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Time Tracking



Recruitment and Employee's profile

Recruitment process can be handled easily from sourcing to contract.

Hiring stages and interviewers can be defined manually.

Several ways to submit application to specific job.

Search for specific skills and build up a database of profiles.

Define your online and offline interview survey easily.

Convert Application to Employee Profile simply.

Keep all employee data secure and accessible.

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Leaves and Permission

Several types of Leaves and permission.

Approve or refuse leave/permission requests.

Define starting day for requesting a leave.

Define leaves balance easily.

Track your remaining leaves simply.

Get reports to track all your employees leaves.

Time tracking and Attendance

Track Employee attendance.

Manage several types of Shits.

Manage Flexible hour and overtime system.

Assign shift by employee, department or company easily.

Create several deduction rule for coming late or going early.

Calculate employees Deduction simply.

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Manage Allowances/Deductions. 

Allow to configure Basic/Gross/Net Salary.

Manage several type of salary structure based on Employee contract.

Create Employee Pay slip automatically.

Monthly Payroll Register.

Integrated with Leaves and Attendance Management.

Appraisal Management 

Maintain periodical evaluations of your employees.

Several Types of evaluation questions.

Track the appraisal status for each employee or for the whole company clearly.

Track of upcoming evaluations and send reminders to respondents.

Convert every evaluation into a printable PDF form.

Create evaluation plans with a clear schedule to automatically

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