E-invoicing / E-Receipt

Egypt E-Receipt / E-INVOICING

e invoicing and e receipt platform is a revolutionary way to streamline business operations in Egypt. With the implementation of this platform, businesses will be able to digitally capture invoices and receipts between both B2B and B2C transactions. This will save time and resources for businesses across the country. It is part of the Egyptian government’s vision to encourage digital transformation, helping to make businesses in the country more efficient and productive. This platform will enable businesses to keep track of their financials more accurately and provide a secure environment for all parties involved. Ultimately, this will result in a faster and more efficient payment process, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities with greater ease.


What's e invoice meaning?

e invoices are a great way to streamline your invoicing process. They allow you to quickly sending e invoices and receiving e invoices electronically, without needing paper or manual processing. e invoicing software also allows you to integrate your business processes and systems, making it easier to manage your accounts payable. As a business, The benefits of e invoicing are cost savings and improve account reconciliation. Additionally, e invoicing solutions provide higher accuracy and reduce potential human errors.

What's e receipt meaning?


You will now be able to verify transactions through electronic integration with points of sale (POS). To ensure authenticity, the e-Receipt should include a digital signature and UUID (a unique key at the system level that is generated based on receipt content). Additionally, the e receipt must include a QR code. This code can be used by authorities to verify the receipt. The new system will allow for faster, more secure transactions.

How Can Rightechs Help You?

- Set up a system that connects directly with the Tax Authority website and dynamically sends invoices and electronic receipts. This will help ensure that all of your transactions are properly recorded and that your taxes are paid on time.

- Link your current system with ours in order to send sales transactions directly to the Tax Authority. This will help you keep track of all of your sales transactions and make sure that they are properly documented for tax purposes.

- Upload all of your sales data through an Excel sheet, which can then be sent directly to the Tax Authority. This will make it easy to track all your sales and ensure that everything is reported accurately to the Tax Authority.